Rainy Day Activities For Your Toddler

On rainy days like today, it’s easy to want to sit your toddler in front of the television for a day of movies and shows. However, what if there was a fun, easy, and inexpensive game to entertain your child while helping them learn important concepts? These rainy day activities for your toddler, originally from Busy Toddler, are a great way to keep your child entertained and educated!

For these activities, you’ll need is construction paper, colored dot stickers such as these, and colored bean-bags that can be found here. You’ll also need some painters tape, a big marker, and colored clothespins.

Sticker Sorting

For this activity, sheets of construction paper can be placed on the floor or taped to the wall or a window. Ask your child to match the color of the paper to the color of the dots by peeling off the stickers and placing them on the corresponding sheet.

Sorting activities are a great place to start at with young toddlers — it’s the first math concept most kids can grasp. Sorting is a complex skill that asks children to identify similar characteristic in a group of objects, make decisions, and analyze data.


Spell My Name

Another great activity that can be used with the same materials is asking your child to place stickers on the outline of their name written on the construction paper. You can match colors to different letters, or just let your child place whatever stickers they choose.

This activity helps your child learn fine motor skills, letter identification, and name recognition. In addition to their name, you can also do shapes, letters, and numbers.


Bean Bag Toss

For this game, tape sheets of construction paper on the floor and ask your child to toss the corresponding color bean bag onto the paper. Painters tape is safe on walls and floors, so it’s our choice for these types of activities.

The tape can also be used to create lines on the floor to show your child where to stand while tossing the bean bags. Further away and the game is harder.


Clothespin Color Matching

This activity can utilize the same dots as above, you can use markers or crayons to color spaces on a white sheet or paper, or you can ask your child to match the clothespins to corresponding sheets of construction paper.

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